A light-hearted discussion of music, movies, television and more! Expect a bunch of silly segments and mock advertisements along with a final 'boo or boo-urns' review of the featured album, movie or TV show.
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The Powdered Toast Men - Music, Movies, TV and More

Dec 27, 2016
Black Mirror Season 1

Join Rob and Peter as they visit the first season, of the now revitalised, Black Mirror, a UK speculative fiction with real world ramifications! Along with all the bonus silly bits it's an episode (and a TV series) not to be missed!

Dec 19, 2016
Homeland Season 1

A new host and a new TV Series. Join Rob and Peter as they examine the first season of the ever-popular Homeland, try out some frozen Mountain Dew and try to sell you on everyone's favourite shoes, the Bass Boost Boot :)

Dec 14, 2016
Less Talk More Rock

Zane and Rob examine Propaghandi's second studio album, Rob finds himself choking on a light beer, a big fuck you to homophobia and various other nonsense occurs. Get amongst it Toasties :)